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Lusitano Working Equitation Champion

Working Equitation is an exciting sport that is inspired by the fieldwork used by riders of various countries, and welcomes all breeds and styles of tack. Focused on building a working relationship between horse and rider, there are seven levels and four trials: Dressage, Ease of Handling (judged obstacles), Speed (obstacles at speed) and Cattle. Trainer Jill Barron and her stunning buckskin Lusitano gelding Cossaco are a beautiful example of the partnership that the discipline strives for.

A true ambassador of his breed, Cossaco shows audiences what incredible partners Lusitanos are as he performs and rides in clinics with Jill. A highlight of their shared Working Equitation experiences has been performing for thousands at the National Western Stock Show. In addition to exhibitions and teaching, Cossaco and Jill are currently competing at Masters Level in Working Equitation. In 2022, they became Canada’s first Masters Working Equitation Champions!

Even after years together, building a solid and trusting relationship is at the forefront of all they do. Jill shares, “Cossaco will be the greatest teacher of my riding career…If you believe in fate, we were meant to be dance partners.”

Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

There are toy horses, and then there are Breyer Model Horses.

Traditional Series models are the largest and most popular Breyer model size available. Sculpted in every color and breed imaginable, the Traditional series offers unmatched realism and breathtaking hand-painted detail. Traditional models are a 1:9 scale and measure approximately 12"L x 9"H.

The Freedom Series, formally known as Classic, are 1:12 scale models. These are hand painted and feature the same true-to-life details and unsurpassed quality as Breyer’s Traditional Series. The 1:12 scale horses are approximately 9"L x 6"H.

Breyer Stablemates miniature models are just as detailed and authentic as the larger Breyer models. Stablemates are a 1:32 scale and horses are approximately 4"L x 3.5"H.

Paddock Pals, also known as Little Bits, is the legacy name used for Breyer’s 1:24 scale models. They are not currently in production outside of unpainted activity sets.

A retired model is one that has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

Breyer has been producing a special Holiday Horse each year since 1997. Every year is different and spectacular.

CollectA models are vinyl, hand-painted models with a high degree of accuracy in both conformation and color. They are both affordable and almost impossible to break and have been around since 2006. Sizes of CollectA models vary from small (averaging approximately 3 inches tall) to the Deluxe (1:12 scale, averaging approximately 7-9 inches tall.)

Breyer showcases the inspiring beauty of horses and invites everyone to create and bring to life their own vision of horse beauty by styling, grooming, and creating magnificent braids. Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads have long, silky, no-tangle manes, and are realistically sculpted and decorated with diverse colorways.

Usually used as shorthand for “decorator”, a type of model that is painted in an unrealistic color or pattern that isn't possible on a real horse.

Horse of the Year, a limited edition Freedom Series (formerly Classics) model that debuts a new 1:12 scale sculpture in a striking coat color. Horse of the Year models are only available the year they are produced.