About Us

The Woman Behind The Store

My name is Brenda Suiter, and I have been a Breyer dealer since 2002, here in Lexington, Kentucky. You would think that with Lexington being the horse capital of the world, there would be Breyer dealers on every street corner – but surprisingly, there isn’t!

I'm a fully stocking and Flagship Breyer dealer. Even if the actual shop is not open, mail order is always open and I can always be reached via phone, email or messages via Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles Facebook page.

My shop is small but allows me to carefully curate my inventory – as I only carry Breyer products!

Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles
Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles

Like most who sell Breyer horses, I am also a collector – and I am in the process of inventorying my personal models. I’m up to 3300 models and still counting! The majority of my collection consists of Breyers, but I do have a few Stones, Hartlands, Marx, Beswicks, H-R, BHR resins, MIJ models, etc. thrown in for good measure. I used to sell at the Swap Meet during Breyerfest every year and finally just decided to see what it would take to become a dealer after I saw one of the "big wigs" of Breyer at the Swap Meet.

After a speaking to him, and finding out that he happened to be a Regional Sales Manager for Breyer, he told me what I needed to do to apply to be a Breyer dealer. I worked through the process and a dream became a reality! I am now semi-retired and this is the only thing that I do – I’m tired of working for someone else! I am the only one that works in the shop and the shop is only open 3 days a week. I've been a vendor at Breyerfest for many years, and I'm in the covered arena close to the same space every year - so my repeat customers always know where to find me.

Wind Ridge Farm

The name of the shop comes from the name of a farm I used to have. I had a small farm back in the late 80's that we called Wind Ridge Farm. I had seven horses on the farm, but unfortunately the work of the entire farm and animal upkeep became too much for one person to manage, and I had to sell the farm and the horses. When I became a Breyer dealer, it just seemed right to name the business Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles.